1. Brief Presentation

The company Spyrou Wines founded in 2006 by professionals of mass catering and wine supply, aims at representing selected Greek and foreign "small wineries with an emphasis on quality" in Greece and abroad. Spyrou Wines combines perfectly business, through representation, as also production, packaging and distributing its own series of wines in the countries of the European Union and America. This combination helps the company maintain its products' quality at competitive prices.

Thanks to the experience, expertise and knowledge of its people, the company serves the whole range of mass catering businesses throughout the country on a daily basis. The portfolio of the company includes a wide range of quality wines in competitive prices as well as premium gourmet wines. Spyrou Wines is characterized by high level services and support as well as understanding each client’s needs. We offer products and business solutions that ensure high profitability to our clients and high quality to our consumers.

By supplying daily through an integrated distribution network, we are evolving while also keeping our values intact.Our processes are fully computerized using ERP and CRM systems to serve our customer base. The continuous development of the company is also attributed to our investment in human resources and advanced equipment as well as to the continuous enrichment of our product range, combining quality with smart prices.

2. Areas of business

The mission of Spyrou Wines is the provision of integrated services to its commercial partners pursuing mutual benefits through serving the needs of each client in the best possible manner. The company serves daily hotels, wholesale businesses, gourmet and casual restaurants, cafés, yachts, food catering suppliers, liquor stores and generally mass catering establishments of any type and size. However, our vision is ever-growing, thus our business is evolving full sail in exports to European Union countries and to America, with the aim of increasing the number of enterprises having the chance to find quality and special wines.

3. Distribution

Acknowledging the importance of impeccable direct and safe hosting of the products from pick-up to delivery to the client, the company has invested in a range of privately-owned trucks, thus ensuring timely deliveries while at the same time retaining products in perfect condition until they reach their destination. We focus on short delivery times, availability of products and immediate solving of any problems that may arise.

4. Human Resources & Partners

Spyrou Wines partners are the cornerstone of its human potential, staffed by permanent employees. Low average age, high levels of education and constant training of our people in combination with an excellent work environment make the company creative and innovative, flexible and adaptable to the ever-demanding conditions of the market.

Our team is complemented by dedicated external partners, where necessary, such as sommeliers, food and drink technologists etc. The path to success is accomplished through smooth and stable partnerships. By choosing suppliers with shared values, with the aim of constantly developing products without compromising safety and quality, we have built enduring trusted relationships with suppliers in Greece and abroad.

SpyrouWines ΟΕ | Ethnomartiron 119, Ag. Dimitrios 173 41 | Tel: +30.21 0933 3215