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  • Kintonis Winery

    At the Kintoni winery, their philosophy is based on the production of high-quality wines that express the characteristics of the enviable viticultural region of Aigialia, capturing its terroir and maintaining the typicality of each variety, providing exceptional fruity notes in the foreground. In their contemporary winery, they create wines from unique Greek varieties such as...

  • Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) - Les Legendes R

    Vineyard area : Bordeaux

    In 1995 DBR (Lafite) began producing Bordeaux wines by selecting the region’s most representative appellations: Bordeaux, Médoc and Pauillac. In a continuation of the “Réserves des Barons” tradition, the Collection is presented under the Saga, Légende, and Réserves brands with a view to offering wines with immediate charm.

  • Domaine Mirabeau en Provence

    Vineyard area : Provence

    The story of Maison Mirabeau is both inspiring and fascinating. Stephen has been chasing the world of wine since 1983, without success. But his belief in it makes him take a risky decision and in 2009 he and his family move to Provence. He already had a successful plan and together with MW Angela Muir, they started to implement it, resulting in the creation of Mirabeau Rosés...


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