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  • Pasqua Vignetti e Cantine Spa “Verona”

    Vineyard area : Veneto

    Pasqua is a historic winery that produces high-quality Italian Veneto wines and other styles. It is one of the most powerful wineries in the Italian and international markets. It is a family passion but also a story of centuries. From 1925, when the first Pasqua company was founded until today, the company has expanded widely in Italy, but also abroad as in the USA and Asia....

  • Scanavino Spa Asti

    Vineyard area : Piemonte

    "We keep our tradition and our roots" they state in Scanavino and serve us an incredibly festive mood through their sparkling wines. The prissy bubbles of their sparkling wines together with the enchanting aromas of the Muscat grape can magically take you to another place. Εxpressive Barolo and Barbera d’ Asti for trying in a totally different mood, are made from this...

  • Fattoria San Michelle a Torri “Toscana”

    Vineyard area : Tuscany

    Fattoria San Michele a Torri, an organic farm since 1992, is in the heart of Chianti, just 15 km away from the city of Florence. At an altitude of 211m. above sea level, Fattoria San Michele is located among the most famous wine-producing areas such as Classic Chianti and Chianti Colli Fiorentini. Paolo Nocentini, the current owner, is responsible for developing new and...


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