Riesling Clos Windsbuhl 2014

Yellow pale gold colour. The nose shows complex and discreet mineral based aromatics, wet stones, light spicy herbal aromas and toasty character. There is a nice evolution after some time in contact with air, which shows how much this wine begs to age. The palate is all structure and the acidity and very light sweetness, hardly perceivable, are fixing the rules! The very low pH (considering the fact this wine fermented over a year and spent 18 months on total lees!) increases the effect of the acidity on the palate. However, there is nothing painful on the finish, on the opposite, the high saline mouthfeel participate to the pleasure of drinking this wine. The finish is dry/dry-ish and I suspect that the acidity will make the wine drier and drier over ageing.

100% Riesling
12.5% vol

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